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Digital Illustration 2022


Digital illustration 2022


Digital Illustration 2022

In this triptych inspired by kedoshim, I highlight three essential elements in creating a holy society. These three elements are love, justice and a reverence for the earth we live on. In kedoshim we find incredible truths and calls to action which still hold great relevance today. Kedoshim holds space for our need for justice, while admonishing us against vengeance. We are encouraged to treat strangers as we would treat our kin, to look after the poor, and to have an economy that puts people over profit. These paintings celebrate the multitude within Jewishness and our holy pursuit of awakening the sacred within the mundane.


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Digital Illustration 2022

Prisons Are Obsolete 

Digital Illustration 2022

This piece was inspired by the book “Are Prisons Obsolete,” by Angela Davis.

From reading the book, I learned about the history of prisons and how they’ve developed into the for profit social control system that they are now. I didn’t know that widespread use of prisons was a result of European colonialism. Knowing this now, I feel even more compelled to help build up a future where justice can be achieved without incarceration.

In this piece I wanted to highlight the diversity of individuals that prisons oppress. When people think of prison, they usually think of it as a necessary way to deal with “bad people.” I wanted to counter that thought by amplifying the beauty in all people and everyone’s potential for transformation. Prisons don’t rehabilitate people. They steal loved ones from their families and rob so many people of their lives. They hold many political activists and nonviolent people who happened to belong to an oppressed community (sex workers, drug users, poor folk, and people of color).

There’s so many ways to deal with societal issues that don’t involve incarceration. One of the first things we could do is stop criminalizing oppressed communities and nonviolent crimes like drug use. We could make mental and physical health care a human right. We could make sure a decent education is accessible to all people. We could invest in mental health care facilities and rehabilitation centers. We could invest in school consoles in order to help people while they are young. Housing could be a human right and so could full employment.

In this piece I wanted to create a space where people could exist as a united community and have their full needs met. Building that type of world is possible. I think it begins with rejecting what we have considered normal and permanent.


Anti-Capitalism is for Artists

Digital Illustration 2021

Anticapitalism is for artists. In a system that values profit over soul, the task of artmaking becomes a shell of what it used to be. Art as a tool for empowerment, self-expression, and radical education is important to the continued enrichment of human culture. In the fight against capitalism, artists play an important role in helping to visualize our liberated future. In this piece I wanted to highlight that as well as pay homage to our revolutionary artist ancestors like Emory Douglas of the Black Panther Party and Barbara Jones Hogu of Afri-Cobra.